Review: Klein Tools’ Tradesman Pro Organiser Bag

Review: Klein Tools’ Tradesman Pro Organiser Bag


Gary Fisher shoulders the Tradesman Pro Organiser Ultimate Electrician Bag from Klein.

I can’t say I’ve always been a fan of tool bags. Tools are heavy and the idea of carrying a bag full of them to every job is not exactly my idea of a great day.  Most tradespeople I know find it easier to keep their equipment in the van and transport them on-site in a tote or box. However, there are definitely times where you need to be more mobile, if you are commuting to a job or working on a large site away from the van and it is in these situations that a bag such as this really comes into its own.

Storage space

Gaz-Klein-Covershots-005-200x300Klein calls this the ‘Ultimate Electrician Bag’ but I can see this being ideal for any everyday tradesperson carry their tools about.

The bag has 55 pockets including various sized pouches and compartments which allow you to organise all of the tools and accessories you will need on a job. These include pockets suited to your regular hand tools as well as your bulky test meters and power tools. The bag also features sleeves ideally sized for neatly storing any paperwork, laptops or an iPad you may want to take back and forth on site.

There’s an extra wide opening which enables you to place testing instruments side-by-side rather than on top of each other. Another nice touch is the bag’s bright orange inner lining. I’ve been on a lot of sites with limited lighting and the luminous material makes it a lot easier to quickly identify and pick out tools.

Hard wearing

One of the key deal breakers with all types of bags is durability. Tool bags need to be able to handle being regularly loaded with heavy, bulky tools and this Klein bag certainly looks like it could take a beating. It is made from a tough ballistic weave material and is reinforced with a hard-wearing, waterproof, moulded base which protects the contents from impact damage and the elements. You can either hold the bag from the handles or have it as a shoulder bag, which is a lot easier to walk with and when travelling on transport.

There are other similar looking bags that may be just as good but I have to say this is a truly nice bag to have especially when you have the tools to put in it.

A well organised professional looking bag suggests a well organised, professional electrician and this practical but smart bag really helps you look the part. What’s more there is no need to use it solely for work. The spacious interior makes it a great alternative to a sports bag and it certainly wouldn’t look out of place at a gym or on the side lines.

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