TESTED: Unilite PS-IL6R Inspection Light

TESTED: Unilite PS-IL6R Inspection Light

PE takes a closer look at the brand new PS-IL6R Inspection Light from Unilite.

Electricians are no strangers to having to work in the dark. After all, lighting doesn’t tend to install itself and if you are called out to fix an electrical fault where the power has been isolated, you are going to need a reliable means of illumination to ensure you can do a professional and safe job.

According to Unilite, power and portability are they key requirements demanded by its customers when choosing an inspection light, and this is certainly what it delivers with the brand new PS-IL6R Inspection light.

Succeeding its previous model, the brand new PS-IL6R features a 600 lumen output and boasts a much greater run time, lasting four and a half hours, compared to the previous model’s two hours. This is thanks to its n 3.7V 4400mAh Li-ion battery and high powered Samsung SMD LEDs.

Unilite PS-IL6R showing torch headThese first features cater to some of the main needs of a sparky – power and longevity. The ability to cover a wide light spread and to keep a high powered beam running for a long time.

The torch also has flexibility on its side, coming with a multi-positional, adjustable and foldable kick stand that can be used in an upright or laid down position for those jobs that require you to work in the tightest of nooks and crannies. It also boasts a moveable magnetic hook which allows you to securely leave it hanging on the wall for further hands free operation, or purely just for storage.

With its slim and sleek design, the PS-IL6R can easily fit into a pocket and it only weighs 260g.  For added user comfort the light has been enhanced the ergonomic grooves, providing a comfortable grip for portable illumination.

This particular light comes with something that I haven’t come across before, an additional 100 lumen torch in its head. This provides a useful narrow spot light for precision beam placement, which can certainly be of use in a variety of tight spaces.

Now if you’re wondering what the ‘R’ relates to in the PS-IL6R, it stands for rechargeable. For some people this would bring upUnilite PS-IL6R rear angle shot with stand out preconceptions of older, more awkward rechargeable lights which would come with the problem of finding a mains charging point to plug it in.  However, the PS-IL6R comes with a DC-USB cable and can be charged in a variety of ways: via any USB point, via the 12V vehicle adaptor and through the traditional mains electrical point.

All in all, the PS-IL6R provides a multi-functional illumination solution that definitely feels tailored to the needs of electricians. If you often find yourself working in dark, cramped spaces and need a light which is both mobile, powerful and allows you to keep your hands free, then you should give it a try.

For more information visit: www.uni-lite.com/

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