TESTED: Wera Zyklop Ratchet

TESTED: Wera Zyklop Ratchet

Norman Bradshaw gets to grips with the Zyklop ratchet from Wera.

Do you have a set of tools in your possession that you don’t use very often? It’s always the same. Just as you are about to clear them out you find yourself in an awkward situation that’s just perfect for them.

That is how I have always felt about ratchet or socket sets. I recall struggling on a job and wishing I had a socket set with me but always putting off buying one – you have to be thrifty with your hard earn cash. I eventually purchased a small 25 piece ¼” set and a then later a larger ¾” set from the same ‘stables’. All in all was very pleased with them because over the past 10 years or so they have served me well.

You could imagine therefore when I was handed the Wera ¾” set. I was naturally inquisitive and began to wonder what changes I would find in a tool that, from the outside, doesn’t seem to have changed considerably over the years.

Presentation is everythingZyklop Packaging

The Wera Zyklop set came, not in the familiar hard case which you find in most socket sets, but in what has become quite synonymous with them, a soft but surprisingly well tailored textile case. On the outside of the case is the Wera logo along with smart 3D symbol of the ratchet on the front. I have noticed that Wera have been putting similar 3D symbols on their screwdriver sets, they look professional and really help identify the product quickly.

Once opened you will find the nine socket bits ranging from 5mm-13mm sat neatly on what I will call ‘plastic stubs’ which held  them securely. The set comprised of a slim but superbly crafted extension bar with a plastic sleeve you could hold while using the tool. There was the usual ‘T’ range, star, Philips and pozi-head bits. Also enclosed was a small smart adaptor for the bits to snap into if you wanted to use the ratchet for tightening or loosening screws etc.

Double-head mechanismDouble-header

The actual Wera Zyklop ratchet was classy to say the least- smooth to the touch, light but strong. There were two big differences to any ratchet set that I had used before, and that was there was no usual small switch for forward and reverse action, you just pushed the adaptor which has a ‘double-head’ to whichever side you wanted to use. The ‘double-headed’’ mechanism action for forward or reverse operation was smooth and very easy to operate.

The second big difference was the quality of the ratchet mechanism, it sounded like pure music.  Wera have said that with their Zyklop range you could loosen or tighten a screw etc. with less turns due to the makeup of the ratchet –the ratchet has a 4,7 ͦ fine tooth. I tried it on a standard wood screw and compared it with my current socket set and was very impressed.

Once again, Wera has done its homework by meeting the needs of the professional with their tools. The improvements that have been made to the tried and true ratchet mechanism noticeably improve performance and the overall presentation of the Zyklop, from the ratchet itself to the carry case that comes with it, is slick to say the least.

For more information visit www.wera-tools.co.uk

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