Wattson PV sales aid kits

Wattson PV sales aid kits
22 Oct 2012, 13:14

Wattson PV sales kits now available for PV installers.

Energeno, the company behind the renowned Wattson Solar Plus and Wattson Professional PV energy monitors, has responded to demand for its popular demonstration kit by developing a PV sales kit that can be used by installers to increase their sales of PV systems.

 "Installers have been asking me how they can get hold of my demonstration kit which I have used to sell Wattson Solar Plus for years  to explain why Solar PV is such a good deal," says Richard Woods, Energeno's UK sales manager,  "So we decided to offer it to them."

The kit features buttons controlling a virtual PV array and three virtual appliances – imitating the sun shining and appliances switching on or off.  The Wattson reacts in exactly the same way it does when connected to a real home, so installers can easily show their potential customers how Solar PV will generate money for them through the Feed-in-Tariff.

Mark Elliott, director at Energeno, explains: “The demonstration kit has previously proved a valuable aid for distributors of Wattson energy monitors, to explain how solar PV works and how to take advantage of the free electricity to deliver improved payback times.

“Using the ingenious colour display of the Wattson, which glows green when free electricity is available, home owners can see how they can save money on their electricity bills as well as earn money from generating electricity.  

“We are also providing some valuable hints, tips and structured arguments for installers about how to explain the hidden benefits of a Solar PV system along with some marketing material for installers to give away to their customers, so all-in-all the kit should become an invaluable sales aid.”

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