Get Tough with Swarfega and Win £200 Amazon Vouchers

Get Tough with Swarfega and Win £200 Amazon Vouchers

Going back to work in January can be hard with short days, winter weather and months looming ahead before the next Bank Holiday. This month, Swarfega is launching a competition to find the toughest trade in the toughest month of the year.

There’s no doubt about it, people working in the trades take on some of the toughest jobs around.  Whether you are a roofer shifting tons of materials high in the sky come rain or shine, a brickie making sure that solid foundations are built upon or an electrician bringing power to the site, Swarfega wants to know what the toughest task in your trade is.

Over the next 4 weeks Swarfega are challenging you to post a picture of you or a colleague completing a task on Swarfega’s Facebook or Twitter page with #toughtrades and a short reason why your trade has the toughest jobs.  At the end of January, using their Tough-O-Meter, Swarfega will judge each picture and choose the one showing the toughest task.  The winner chosen will receive £200 in Amazon vouchers just in time for Valentine’s Day and the Trade that the winner represents will be crowned Swarfega’s Toughest Trade for 2018. 

The first 50 people to post a tough task picture will receive a pack of TOUGH by Swarfega Shower Gel so get moving quick and post your pictures here:

Swarfega’s Facebook Page:

Swarfega’s Twitter Page:

During the campaign, we will be judging some of the entries with our Tough-O-Meter based on the following scale:

0-2: As TOUGH as a cup of tea

3-4: Trainee TOUGH

5-6: Danny Dyer TOUGH

7-8: TOUGH as old boots

9-10: Vinnie Jones TOUGH

For more details on the competition, visit

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