WIN: Two Test Meters from Klein Tools to be Won!

WIN: Two Test Meters from Klein Tools to be Won!

TWO TEST METERS are up for Grabs WORTH £450! A MM2300 Multimeter and a CL2300 Clamp Meter are up for grabs thanks to Klein Tools.

If you’re looking to buy, upgrade or replace your test and measuring kit, then Klein Tools has some great tips for choosing your next test meter:

Analogue or digital?

Digital test devices offer accurate readings, easy to read LCD displays and extra functionalities, like recording data. Analogue test meters – although less popular nowadays – offer reasonably accurate readings and are normally cheaper to buy.

What are you going to do with it?

Most analogue test meters are designed to do one job so if that’s all you need it for then you don’t require an all-singing, all-dancing multipurpose device. However, if you have a number of testers which need replacing, or you want a tester which does more than just the basics, a digital multi-meter could be a better choice as it can also do voltage, current, resistance, temperature and TRMS readings.

Is it durable?

A good test meter should be built to last and have a robust casing – like rubber moulding – to protect the technology inside, ensure the test equipment withstands rigorous daily use and help it survive a fall from height (its drop protection rating). A raised edge around the screen will also provide some protection against cracking the display.

Will it survive your working environment?

Consider the other challenges of your working environment like water, dust and extremes of temperature. If your testing device needs to work in these conditions, it needs to be up to the job! Some test meters are completely sealed, so they’re both dust and waterproof (IP67 rated).

Is it easy to use?

A good test meter should fit comfortably in your hand and have easy to use buttons and dials. Chunky buttons are usually best as they can be used with or without gloves. Check if it has a backlit LCD screen too, as this will make read-outs in dimly lit areas much easier.

Does it come with any extras?

Some test meters come with accessories (such as alligator clips, batteries and test leads) included in the cost, and a handy carry case to keep everything in. Other test meters have extras like a stand, hanging device or magnetic backing to allow it to be used hands free.

Find out more about the full range of test meters from Klein Tools by visiting:



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