WIN: Varilight Copper Room Packs – 3 to Win!

WIN: Varilight Copper Room Packs – 3 to Win!

Featuring four switches and four USB charging sockets in Varilight’s new Polished Copper finish (or an alternative Varilight classic finish of your choice), these copper room packs will be a welcome addition to your arsenal this summer.

Having identified a trend towards a warmer palette of colours in interior design, and in particular the increased popularity of copper, Varilight has launched a new Polished Copper range of decorative wiring accessories.

The Polished Copper faceplates are bevel-edged and paired with black switch and socket inserts, with white inserts to be introduced soon.

The comprehensive range assortment includes Varilight’s leading LED dimmers, rocker and toggle switches as well as sockets with USB charging ports featuring Varilight Smart Charge. Smart Charge is designed to communicate with smart devices such as smart phones, tablets and cameras, then auto-adjust the charging current to the optimal rate of the device.

This results in the fastest charging rate across multiple devices, including Android and IOS devices.

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