Electric Vehicle Revolution

Electric Vehicle Revolution

The NICEIC look at the evolution of the car industry and how electricians can benefit from this shift.

At this year’s Live South show from NICEIC & ELECSA, Roger Atkins, the founder of Electric Vehicles Outlook Ltd spoke about an electric vehicle revolution occurring across the globe.

He discussed how the car industry was making a dramatic shift towards new cleaner energy and that electricians were well placed to take advantage of the opportunities this presented.

“Electricians with the right skills are in a good position to benefit over the next 15-20 years and will play a crucial role in delivering the charge points for this revolution,” commented Roger.

Many electricians have already taken the step to diversify their business and specialise in this area.

Around 4%of all our registered businesses say they carry out work in this growing area, while more than 1000 contractors have already undertaken the one-day EV Charging Course with NICEIC.

As demand increases NICEIC predict more and more contractors will look to EV charging as a viable chance to grow their business.

If you would like to be part of this revolution or to find out more information please visit www.niceic.com


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