CEDIA makes training accessible for electricians

CEDIA makes training accessible for electricians

As the business and personal lives of electricians continue to be disrupted, CEDIA is providing hours of valuable online learning to allow professionals to develop their skills and knowledge of the smart home industry.

With a whole host of complimentary professional development opportunities for CEDIA members, and offered to the wider industry at a reduced rate, now is the chance to find out more about smart home technology, and how to offer it as a service to your customers.

“We’re facing unprecedented challenges right now at work and at home and CEDIA is here to provide valuable resources to keep our members nimble, educated, and ready for what’s next,” said CEDIA Global President and Chief Executive Officer Tabatha O’Connor.

“Opening our courses and white papers up for all members and providing additional ways to grow professionally is the right thing to do. CEDIA is here to help members and the industry as a whole navigate the uncertainty.”

Online learning
CEDIA has a number of carefully designed online courses for electricians, including live and pre-recorded webinars as well as interactive, self-paced eCourses, and lessons. These include topics such as:

Simple, Affordable, Reliable: Is Your Business Ready for this Connected Home Paradigm Shift?
Today, homeowners at all income levels have access to connected home products and information through numerous sales channels. These disruptors are forcing you to think about your business in new and unique ways. Is your business ready for these changes? This course will have you challenging the status quo and rethinking potential new business and service models to capitalise on this rapidly-growing marketplace.

Fundamentals of Home Theatre Design
Study the essentials of home theatre design, including important concepts such as recommended practices, room layout, and audio/video configuration.

How Millennials Will Reshape the Home Improvement Market
The millennial generation — the largest demographic group in our history — is just entering the market and promises to fundamentally reshape it. This presentation looks at how millennials make their home improvement decisions, what types of projects they are likely to undertake, and how their involvement will fundamentally reshape the industry for the next two decades.

To add to its online offering, CEDIA will be hosting webinars every Tuesday and Thursday on a variety of different topics to keep up your skills in the rapidly changing home integration industry. They give electricians the chance to refresh their outlook on the industry, learn from their peers and other industry experts, and set new, long-term goals for business. There are also dedicated webinars on how to navigate your business through the pandemic, providing advice when you need it most.

New episodes of the CEDIA podcast are being made available twice a week, with topics focussing on coping with COVID-19 in day-to-day operations, supply chain issues, and remote working. You can also take a look back int the podcast archive and brush up on your smart home knowledge with 60-minute roundtable discussions on new and emerging trends, business growth, and much more.

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