Training and resources: lighting controls | Zero 88

Training and resources: lighting controls | Zero 88

With lockdowns continuing worldwide in a global attempt to beat the Covid-19 pandemic, UK lighting control manufacturer Zero 88 has seriously ramped up its available online consultations and training opportunities.

A busy and dynamic schedule includes 42 x Zoom training sessions each month which will run for as long as the pandemic lasts.

The Zero 88 home page has full details of what’s available and interested parties can sign up on the spot!

The 42 x Zoom training sessions are divided into ten categories, which are scheduled to be repeated over the monthly period, offering different time slots and ensuring that those in different time zones can join in and share the knowledge exchange and fun!

Sessions last between one and three hours and will cover a wide range of topics related to Zero’s award-winning FLX and FLX S series of lighting consoles.

The topic categories start from entry-level, designed to get users up-and-running with an FLX-S desk including patching and basic programming, moving on to more intermediate elements like programming cues into playbacks, cue settings, editing, etc.

The more advanced sessions will explore sophisticated functions like Tracking, DMX/RDM and Ethernet Networking.

These advanced sessions are also applicable to most other lighting consoles as well as a key to understanding the full power and potential of the FLX series.

In addition to the Zoom sessions – presented by Edward Smith, Tyler Holpin and Jon Hole – one-to-one consultations are also available with Zero 88’s fantastic technical support team who will call by request on a convenient number at the best time.

There is also a wealth of other tuition available to watch on Zero 88’s YouTube channel including FLX and FLX S console training, and series of 44-second ‘video snaps’ aimed at simplifying jargon, where some of the most commonly used verbiage in lighting programming is demystified and explained simply with the assistance of clear voice-overs and graphics.

On top of all these options, Zero 88’s Forum is a vibrant space for end-users to engage, chat and support each other, together with valuable up-to-the-minute input from the Zero 88 team.

Jon and the technical Team – Tyler Holpin, Edward Smith, Keith Rogers and Nathanael Orr – are then offering complete bespoke training sessions tailored to specific groups (e.g. venues, rental companies, students, universities etc.) and their particular requirements. Just reach out via to get connected to the team!

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