Caught on Camera | 03rd August 2022

Caught on Camera | 03rd August 2022

Check out our latest round-up of #CaughtOnCamera shockers! Have you seen something shocking, funny or surprising while on the job? Take a pic and send it in via DM on one of our social channels or send it directly to for the chance to be featured!


We’re back with another shocking #caughtoncamera, this one sent in by London Electrical Solutions – “Is this a satisfactory connection of main protective bonding to the water? (All other issues aside, sizing/safety connection label etc)?”

 Check out this #caughtoncamera sent over by Eamonn Costello: “We found this example of Cpc being used as neutral on fan wiring!”



This #caughtoncamera we received recently from Mark Connolly – “I have attached a picture of an under unit light fitting that has been fitted to a new property. The light is a class 2 fitting and I have come across this many times before but, didn’t give it much thought.

Because the fitting is Class 2 I believe that it would have come with a pre fitted length of wire about 1.5m long and the light is designed for the connections to be done external from the light fitting (Class 1 fittings are designed to have the connections done at the light fitting and come with a short wire with an earth connection).

What code do you think this would be on an inspection: C3 – not as manufactures fitting or C2 – no earth connection provided (due to the single insulated wires making it no longer Class 2).If you were to earth the fitting it would still be a C3 – not as manufacture fitting or C2 – potential introduced

I think that many sparks might learn from this example”

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