Caught on Camera | 10th March 2021

Caught on Camera | 10th March 2021

Jon Tribbeck has sent over this CAUGHT ON CAMERA 📸… ‘We found this after a landlord asked us to ‘take a look’ due to concerns about the quality of testing carried out when he had an EICR undertaken by a different local company. A nice shed ccu install lighting and power which also supplies the outside pond, driveway lights and summer house too. Nothing on the test certificate about the outbuildings…!!’


Michael King has sent in Saturday’s #CaughtOnCamera submission over on our Twitter page:

‘We found this in a property when we were replacing a light fitting. Someone clearly doesn’t know how to use push connectors correctly – they’ve linked both the legs of a ring in the same connector!’


CAUGHTONCAMERA 📸 – Tim Hanley of Olcas Electrical: … ‘While carrying out an EICR I found this wiring to a metal light – the loop was directly connected to the exterior metalwork of the light – no CPC in the lighting circuit so the exterior of the light was permanently live! All was Ok, however, as they’d taped green and yellow tape over the three live conductors. How no one was electrocuted is anyone’s guess!’ ⚡️

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