Caught on Camera | 13th April 2022

Caught on Camera | 13th April 2022

Check out our latest round-up of #CaughtOnCamera shockers! Have you seen something shocking, funny or surprising while on the job? Take a pic and send it in via DM on one of our social channels or send it directly to for the chance to be featured!


We’re back with another shocking #caughtoncamera ! This one was sent in by Chris Clarke “This was a “new install” I was called out by the customer to rectify!”

  • 277887734_1055004751895184_3992072752037233821_n
  • 277888383_984463262203335_8625365522484537378_n
  • 277897524_4942706139146374_2632924113758282054_n
  • 277949699_3134384080213921_2284866089946542120_n
Check out this #caughtoncamera sent over by Craig Harvey “Thought I would share some pics of some top quality work I found this week…”
  • 277918553_252014790399854_6429617876055667688_n
  • 277974954_1013591266260800_8581332514016129062_n
  • 277976003_1138273770268556_7478320327715365827_n
  • 277978509_344031477761582_7860585254635215779_n

This #caughtoncamera we received recently from Ashlec Services Ltd – “Mmmm tasty twin and earth! The rodents have been busy above this kitchen. This was found during 1st fix of a kitchen refurb started this week.”

  • 277923991_752384809482334_4070740193346011177_n
  • 278049789_370141571695879_1835908623340928285_n
  • 278084004_5879652152050122_352309210395927946_n

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