Caught on Camera | 16th February 2021

Caught on Camera | 16th February 2021

CAUGHT ON CAMERA 📸Sent in on Facebook by @grobbyman

“Right under the door runners in a domestic garage. Untouched for how long?” – Click on the pictures to take a closer look!
  • 148491597_932511954172361_7673364084743844653_n
  • 148934745_1312958492410702_5744469956493185390_n
  • 149028858_335363671076008_1887953483800983890_n
  • 149474830_138939728025759_6066648484786220495_n
  • 149503711_1319833648394249_8102084022260762519_n
  • 148673177_288228742637559_2837561315440443942_n
  • 149872499_104011631633037_6752887527895554314_n

CAUGHT ON CAMERA 📸Sent in by @Charlie Burden on facebook! – “Customer called me and said he was getting a shock every time he turned the garage light on 😳

CAUGHTONCAMERA 📸 – Thanks to @prolecuk

  • 148601053_1099201880596854_8791638940489648992_n
  • 147296711_1311039955938808_4284835421468706241_n
  • 148312725_1275934192861285_2227560356339235459_n


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