Caught on Camera | 17th August 2022

Caught on Camera | 17th August 2022

Check out our latest round-up of #CaughtOnCamera shockers! Have you seen something shocking, funny or surprising while on the job? Take a pic and send it in via DM on one of our social channels or send it directly to for the chance to be featured!


We’re back with another shocking #caughtoncamera, this one sent in by Pete Dakin – “A client asked me to carry out an EICR, but what she didn’t tell me was that I require a plumber at the same time!”

Check out this #caughtoncamera sent over by George Robertson: “I wonder where this goes…?”

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Chris Byrne sent us in this #caughtoncamera – “The attached photos are of a new build project, valued at £1.2 million. It consists of nine new builds all of similar construction. I was asked by a landlord to cast my eye over the electrical and took a selection of photos while I was there – there are many more points of concern that just those items included here. Even more worryingly, building control has no interest in the issues raised and have yet to return one of my numerous calls to them two months down the line.”

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