Caught on Camera | 20th April 2021

Caught on Camera | 20th April 2021

#CaughtOnCamera time, sent in by Jurassic Electrics via our Instagram page:

‘Send help!’ 🆘 👀


#CaughtOnCamera, sent in by Wills Electrical Services via our Instagram page:
‘Here’s a nice little find on a recent EICR. 7.5kW oven had been connected to the wall via 1.5mm twin and earth – also double brown! We reconnected the oven..!’
  • 174423896_3977337605666151_7919399846771373063_n
  • 174440524_3977337625666149_4508812703900115476_n
  • 175060574_3977337732332805_1081785969724981942_n

#CaughtOnCamera Black to red, red to black, stand well back.
That’s the way to make sure all the upstairs lights in your 16th century farmhouse stay live even when switched off.😲


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  • 163576264_288192055988537_1714924064467808304_n
#CaughtOnCamera, sent in by Daniel Dempster :‘Here’s one for you. This is a busbar for floor boxes that had managed to get wet! MCB still held on, and the client said they could hear buzzing, along with a burning smell.’ ⚡️

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