Caught on Camera | 24th February 2021

Caught on Camera | 24th February 2021

CAUGHT ON CAMERA 📸Sent in by GlowBell over on our Twitter page: ‘We found this when carrying out an EICR. The tenant says it’s for CCTV!’ 😢

CAUGHT ON CAMERA 📸 Sent in by Christopher Warner of CJW Electrical in Oakham: ‘This was done by a professional, as I’m reliably informed…!’ 🤔

  • 153291876_3818319148234665_1314289362748947933_n
  • 153211086_3818319238234656_6397921641324973659_n
  • 152883788_3818319174901329_5042552003772160264_n

CAUGHTONCAMERA 📸 – Comes from Alex Hanson: ‘Found this in a loft recently – tagged into the cooker circuit!’ 😂

  • 153009980_3815627355170511_3665779003984727838_n
  • 152712136_3815627301837183_1616823989084045157_n
  • 151649569_3815627411837172_7352437878932418175_n

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