Caught on Camera | 27th April 2022

Caught on Camera | 27th April 2022

Check out our latest round-up of #CaughtOnCamera shockers! Have you seen something shocking, funny or surprising while on the job? Take a pic and send it in via DM on one of our social channels or send it directly to for the chance to be featured!


We’re back with another shocking #caughtoncamera ! This one was sent in by Kieran Toole “Here’s a headache for you guys. New install, customer called me out as they had had a shock off an open ended live cable in attic”

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  • 278081928_453620176536638_3897400587933021229_n
  • 278214003_1124534631670203_1663138741406162856_n
Check out this #caughtoncamera sent over by Richard Cockerline “Every light looks like this in a newly refurbed offices!”
  • 278831072_381112997220418_1242265571754929480_n
  • 278963337_682308599557154_7356260472415725111_n

This #caughtoncamera we received recently from Cr3ative Electrical – “Asked by a customer to do an EICR as she needed to rent out her property again as she wasn’t sure it had been done properly before, recent EICR done a year ago, how does a certified NIC contractor get away with this, how. The main neutral block is held on with tape, no RCD protection the list goes on.”

  • 278504864_1017968145799761_9123328092673705549_n
  • 278657332_312460704307055_5278287257302218316_n

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