Caught on Camera 11th Jan

Caught on Camera 11th Jan

Have you missed our most recent Caught on Camera’s? Here are some of the most shocking! 

If you’ve recently made a ‘shocking’ discovery on a job then snap a picture and send it in to us or Keep your eye out on the website and on social media to see if your pics have made it to the gallery!

Jordan – “ Called out to this, this evening power keeps tripping customers says… wonder why 😂” 

  • Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 09.39.28
  • Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 09.39.44

Byron, London – “A few horrors i’ve uncovered” 

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  • bb

Andy Bonwick – Brighton – “Attend house to loss of power, tested circuit and found that because someone has fitted a Wylex mcb into a le grand board the cover doesn’t fit it…. Not to worry, just hacksaw off the top of the mcb, that will fit!” 

  • dv
  • e

Byron, London- “Burnt fuse carrier found on an eicr today in Wembley” ” 

  • uu
  • pp

Want to see some more horrors sent to us by our PE readers? To see the gallery Click here.

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