Caught on Camera 18th Jan

Caught on Camera 18th Jan

Have you seen our most recent Caught on Camera’s? Here are this week’s most shocking finds! 

If you’ve recently made a ‘shocking’ discovery on a job then snap a picture and send it in to us or Keep your eye out on the website and on social media to see if your pics have made it to the gallery!

We were tagged in this absolute shocker by @h.electrical (Instagram) – “Nice Find” What a nightmare!  

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  • 17th-1-
  • 17th-2-

Thanks to Brennan Son for sending these pics in – “I was called out to a strange smell and found this (1) and a few days before i found this aswell! (2)” 🔥 

  • 17th-4-
  • 17th-5-

Our Monday horrors were sent in by Jamie Sales – “Nice way to connect the neutrals and awesome IP rating ! How much silicone!!” 

  • hh
  • xg

“IP Rated  😓” – Andy Robinson 

Want to see some more horrors sent to us by our PE readers? To see the gallery Click here.

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