Caught on Camera 31st August

Caught on Camera 31st August

It’s that time again! Caught on Camera shots from our PE readers. If you have recently made any ‘shocking’ discoveries on a job snap a picture and send them in to us @proelectrician or

Adrian Godfrey: ‘Here’s an example of an ‘electricians’ way of replacing a fuse board for £500 – no bonding to gas or water, a 10mm earth to main, and what a mess at the top of the board. I’m sure his name wasn’t ‘Eddy’!

Phil Davies: ‘I was looking at some old job photos on my computer and came across this one from a couple of years ago: the job came in after-hours as a report of “crackling and sizzling from the comsumer unit”. As it was at my local shop I attended straight away, and couldn’t believe the cause of the fault. In over 30 years as an electrician I’ve never had one like this before, a 3 foot long corn snake had travelled along the cavity and entered the CU. It was alive when we removed it but died shortly afterwards.’

Phil Whitehouse: ‘what happens when shop fitters alter wiring to install ‘pies’ and run on extract fans but don’t use 3 core and earth cables or bother with the CPCs? After all it’s only a lighting circuit!’


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