Caught on Camera Exclusives

Caught on Camera Exclusives

Courtesy of our magazine readers, check out the latest Caught on Camera Exclusives. Keep them coming…

Andy Craig-C.O.C-Exclusives-June2017

Andy Craig: “I was called in to connect a heat pump onto a system which was at first fix stage and found this at both ends of the mains! Nice use of twin+earth with SWA to parallel the supply cable through the ground,  why bother with glands?”

Inspector says: “This cowboy left his banjos at home.”

Regulation referral: 411.3.1.1 Earthing of exposed-conductive-parts.

John Geddes-C.O.C-June2017

John Geddes: “This was feeding an outside shed. If you look closely the conductors are starting to melt. No RCD protection for the shed either.”

Inspector says: “Should have used 6mm.”

Regulation referral: 533.1 Devices for Protection against overcurrent.

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