Caught on Camera 10th July 2019

Caught on Camera 10th July 2019

Made any ‘shocking’ discoveries? Snap a picture and send it in to @proelectrician or – you might just make a future gallery!

  This caught on camera was sent in by Samuel Greenfield – “No earth on consumer unit, new colour wiring and an earth tag on radiator ! Still live!” “One circuit in house and melted connector block” “Rewriting and the local cat snuck in lucky he didn’t find that junction”

Here’s a caught on camera sent in to us by Ben Harris – “Went to a building to install a new circuit, however when I was shown to where the fuse board was located, I couldn’t help but take a photo of this homemade cover from some dado trunking lid and lots of blue tape! “  

Here’s another caught on camera sent in by @d.keeping – “Today’s corker , every socket and light wired back to the th with this lot of Conn block hidden behind and other bodge jobs to boot” 

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