Caught on Camera 19th June

Caught on Camera 19th June

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This #caughtoncamera was sent in by Frankie O’Brien: “Having a peek into the neighbouring flat here – 15 new build flats being rewired following the departure of a previous contractor. There are ring circuits here from two separate flats sharing the same cavity and in very close proximity to each other.
Could a fault here between cables of different properties potentially result in a fault rising to 415V in a dwelling, if the properties happen to be fed from separate phases? What about horizontal and vertical cable routes within safe zones? After all, you can’t anticipate where your neighbour has routed their cables…” 

This#caughtoncamera was sent to us by @micksalsa “Found this today while wiring a boiler ended up being a board change, board had been changed 2 weeks ago by a “qualified spark” lol 😂”


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