Caught on Camera 1st January

Caught on Camera 1st January

Have you made any ‘shocking’ discoveries? Take a photo and send it in to @proelectrician or – you might just make a future gallery! Click on the images for a closer look!

This one got sent to us on Twitter by @neil_sparky: “Been called out to nuisance tripping on an outside supply, after a little investigation I found an extension lead buried in mud with a recyleing box over it to “protect it from the rain”

This shocker was sent to us by @WMGelectrical: “Customer said that after a board change all rcbos were tripping. The last sparky said they were “too sensitive!” So put the circuits on MCBs instead! He put the oven, one half of a ring circuit, a radial and also the lights on one 20a MCB!”

This horror was sent to us by EJB Electrical: “Just found this little beauty while doing an EICR, I never cease to be amazed by the lack of concern by clients when there’s things like this in their house.”



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