Caught on Camera 25th September

Caught on Camera 25th September

Made any ‘shocking’ discoveries? Snap a picture and send it in to @proelectrician or – you might just make a future gallery! Click on the images for a closer look!

This SHOCKER was emailed to us by Harie Elkiess: “I was asked to do a EICR for a rental property after the tenant complained about smelly burning for the last couple of weeks. I asked the landlord ARE YOU SURE ALL IS OK IN THE PROPERTY? He told me the tenant was just complaining for no reason,the property was rewired not so long ago so please just go there and test and give me a certificate. At the beginning it sounded to me the like the tenant was just being a pain in the neck, but when I arrived in the property this is what’s I found … OH MY GOODNESS!!”

Kas Simm submitted this shocker on Facebok: “Neutral sleeve on CPC and glued the broken edge of socket.”

This Caught on Camera was sent in by Andy Chapman Electrical ⚠️:  “We found this today during a new circuit installation”

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