Caught on Camera 5th Feb 2020

Caught on Camera 5th Feb 2020

Have you made any ‘shocking’ discoveries? Take a photo and send it in to @proelectrician or – you might just make a future gallery! Click on the images for a closer look!

Mark Stone sent this one in on Facebook: “Found this on a domestic re-wire, no main earth connected to the installation and neither Pyro earthed!”

Thanks to Bakir (Facebook) for this Caught on Camera – “Attended an emergency call-out at a well know brand showroom on high street which suffered partial power loss to the outlet. Initial investigation and test indicated no power to L1 Phase of 3 Phase. Upon inspection of fuses, L1 was blown and L2!!!!! See yourself in the photo”


Rob Whyles: Found on an EICR. What IP rating does a soffit give again? 🤦”

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