June 24th 2020 | Caught on Camera

June 24th 2020 | Caught on Camera

Check out our latest round-up of Caught on Camera’s sent in by our social media followers!

“I done a job this week a little extension. When I pulled the main fuse out to wire up my mini board I couldn’t believe what I seen . The picture I have sent says it all

Yes the little piece of wire was powering the whole house as the fuse had blown . The people have been in the house about 7 years and can’t remember having anybody take the fuse out since they moved in!…”

– Paul White, Facebook

“A small selection of the horrors I’ve just found, Builders and customers having a go themselves to save money! Danger notice issued and 3 days work to make it safe and compliant again.” Darren from Suffolk – Facebook

Strobe Electrical:” found this 6mm2 twin and earth joint serving an electric hob and oven. The phase is jointed using an earth block that was all taped up! Customer got a shock when looking at it so turned the circuit off! “- Stephen Roberts – Facebook

Plastered over cable joint in a ceiling that got wet. Caused by a roof leak , lucky very lucky – Nick Blakely – Facebook

Have you seen something shocking, funny or surprising while on the job? Take a pic and send it in via DM or to pe@hamerville.co.uk for the chance to be featured.

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