A Cut Above With KNIPEX

A Cut Above With KNIPEX

We take a close look at a selection of KNIPEX tools dedicated for use by electrical contractors, which can save you time, provide additional safety margins at the workplace and provide optimum performance.

The expertise of German company KNIPEX lies in manufacturing pliers. With over 1,000 different pliers across its product ranges, the tools cater for the many different applications a Professional Electrician reader is likely to encounter. Indeed, we were very impressed when we visited the KNIPEX headquarters back in 2015 and saw for ourselves the manufacturing facilities and dedication to producing quality tools. Since then, we have seen a number of products launched which have caught our eye and look set to become essentials for your toolkit.

Of course, safety is the first priority when working on electrical installations and KNIPEX manufactures a range of insulated, VDE-tested pliers, essential for use in electrical installation work and examined, certified and monitored by the Association of German Electricians (VDE). An electrician must be able to rely 100% on the tools that have been specially made for this purpose and KNIPEX manufactures a wide range of insulated tools, from crimping and cutting pliers to cable shears, from screwdrivers to insulation strippers.

KNIPEX also manufactures time saving and cost effective tools. Continuous feedback from professionals and great efforts in research and development has led KNIPEX to achieve and maintain a reputation for quality throughout its whole product range.

For instance, the small, versatile and easy to use ErgoStrip is a tool capable of stripping and dismantling all cables used in modern house installations.

It’s ideal for work in confined spaces such as junction boxes and distribution boxes as the tapered tool ends allow for dismantling in cramped areas.

With the KNIPEX ErgoStrip, you can dismantle data cables and strip and dismantle a coax cable. The innovative, angled shape of the ErgoStrip allows it to strip all common NYM cables and the comfortable pistol grip means there is no need to change grip when dismantling long cable sections. It’s ideal for work in confined spaces such as junction boxes and distribution boxes as the tapered tool ends allow for dismantling in cramped areas.

Ever with installer needs in mind, KNIPEX has placed location ridges on the wire stripping holes so that the correct cable position for stripping can be found intuitively – even in the dark. As the insertion points for coax and data cables are chamfered, with gentle pressure the cables simply slide into the correct position by themselves.

A length scale is also provided so data and coax cables can be dismantled and stripped repetitively to the same length and NYM cables can be cut lengthwise conveniently using the practical cable guide parallel to the half shells, where the cable is automatically pressed and fed against the guide hollows on the housing.

Ratchet-action Cable Cutters
KNIPEX also manufactures powerful ratchet-action Cable Cutters that cut Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) cable smoothly and neatly – without crushing. The high leverage three-stage ratchet-drive cuts through SWA cable with a diameter of up to 45mm/380mm2. Weighing in at just 800g and only 315mm in length, the Cable Cutters are ideal for work in confined areas. Forged from special high-grade steel, the cutters have also been oil-hardened for extra strength and power.


As the handle of the tool is squeezed, the cleverly designed ratchet-action tightens the induction hardened blades, cleanly cutting through the cable. The tool has a cleverly designed support area for putting down the pliers when cutting.

For more information visit: www.knipex.com

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