A Shining Light

A Shining Light

When White Light needed testing equipment for some of its more complex projects, the AV and lighting specialist turned to Seaward for the perfect solution. We find out more.

Starting life as a lighting rental shop for London’s West End theatres in the 1970s, White Light has expanded to become a leading technical solution specialist. The company now counts theatres, concert venues and broadcast studios among its areas of expertise and prides itself on supplying the equipment, knowledge and support to help its customers achieve the most out of their projects.

Nick Sheridan, Technical Support Manager at White Light, says: “We were looking for a device we could use in some of our venues where access is tricky – think small theatres and tight sub-stage areas, which typically involve testing at height or in confined spaces.

Our engineers visit challenging spaces on a daily basis and our clients expect work to be carried out quickly and efficiently – so it’s essential that our equipment is reliable and accurate too.”

The company was already familiar with Seaward devices, using the PrimeTest 50 and 250+ to test rental equipment – so purchasing an Apollo 500+ PAT tester was a natural choice. The Apollo+ series builds on the success of its predecessor with a range of new features and improved functionality, including updated software designed to speed up testing times.

Its light weight design and long battery life made it the ideal solution for Nick’s engineers – providing them with the freedom to test in restrictive working environments.

Nick said: “Our engineers are big advocates of the Bluetooth scanner! We often need to work on-site for long periods of time, or overnight – so having the option to send results back to the office is hugely beneficial.

He adds: “Not only does it give us peace of mind that the data is backed up but it also helps us speed up the reporting process.”

Apollo+ models are boosted by new accessories, including an external rechargeable battery pack – welcome news for high-volume users who are now able to recharge their devices on-the-go, extending their operation time. As with the original series, Apollo+ devices feature Seaward’s easy-to-use PATGuard software which includes Time Manager, a popular feature available on Apollo devices for the first time.

Nick explains: “A large proportion of what we do as a department involves high volume equipment servicing. This is incredibly specialist and requires a lot of record keeping – and unfortunately there aren’t any turnkey systems or products to give us the tools we need to create accurate reports for our customers quickly.

Nick experimented with different methods but struggled to keep up with the sheer amount of data involved in these projects, finding it impossible to keep on top of without a dedicated admin team. Now he thinks he’s finally found a solution.

“We’ve been beta testing the use of the Apollo+ as a multipurpose tester and reporting tool for jobs involving more than just regular PAT testing – sometimes even jobs where no electrical testing is required at all!

We can now store all information under one record, one ID and, together with PATGuard3, reports can be generated so quickly and easily that we have already reduced both the amount of data being stored and the speed at which this data is processed.

He continues: “Reports that previously took us weeks to complete only take one or two days – now I can receive the data, validate it and generate the report without even needing to look the engineer in the eye!”

Nick has now set a target to reduce overall admin time for medium to large scale projects by around 75% – and he’s confident the Apollo+ will help him achieve it.

“There are many ways the Apollo+ helps our engineers carry out their day-to-day tasks but most important it gives them the freedom to concentrate more on the job at hand – and deliver the quality that customers have come to expect from us. This is our busiest service period historically and will be the ultimate test to see if our investment has paid off – I’m confident we won’t be disappointed.”

For more information about the Apollo+ series downloadable PAT tester visit: www.seaward.co.uk

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