Achieve fast, safe and secure connections with KNIPEX’s crimping pliers for wire ferrules

Achieve fast, safe and secure connections with KNIPEX’s crimping pliers for wire ferrules

David Barnes, Marketing Manager for KNIPEX UK, looks at how new tools are helping to meet an increasing demand for fast, safe and secure connections.

With the rapid increase in electric drives and the necessary control electronics, the need for fast and secure connections is increasing. Plug types such as Scotchlok connectors, Western plugs, module plugs, Cannon plugs and many more are suitable for crimping – the joining process in which the connection is made via plastic deformation using a compression tool.

The complexity of possible crimp connections is continuously increasing. In addition to flexible and solid wires, fibre optic cables, antenna cables, telephone and LAN cables and many other types of cable can now also be processed with crimping tools.

From inexpensive crimping pliers for wire ferrules as a light and compact hand tool, to the compact and universal Multi-Crimp crimp system pliers and the semi-automatic, electrically driven eCrimp system pliers with over 1,500 interchangeable, different crimp inserts, with KNIPEX you have all the options available to you.

The different designs of crimping pliers

Due to the large number of different plug connections, crimping pliers in many different versions are required. As a rule, these pliers are operated with one hand – but there are also models for particularly large conductor cross-sections that facilitate two-hand operation thanks to their favourable design. KNIPEX also produces a battery-powered version. Versatility is also demonstrated by models that, in addition to crimping, are additionally suitable for stripping and cutting cables.

Crimping pliers for wire ferrules

Crimping pliers for wire ferrules exert pressure on both ferrule and wire from all sides via four crimping parts. In this way, when choosing the right crimping profile or using an automatic crimping tool due to plastic deformation, a mechanically firm and electrically secure connection is achieved.

As an example, the KNIPEX 97 53 14 Self-Adjusting Crimping Pliers for wire ferrules is designed to provide reliable hexagonal crimping of wire ferrules from 0.08 to 16 mm² (AWG 6) by simply turning and setting the adjusting wheel, and all twin wire ferrules up to 2 x 10 mm² (AWG 2 x 8).

The tool has an automatic self-adjustment feature that ensures a complete crimping cycle for consistent, reliable and fast crimping. The hexagonal crimp layout is particularly suitable for confined connections as it gives near round form. The tool also has an automatic adaptation feature that adjusts to the wire ferrule size for precise and quick crimping.

The crimping pressure is calibrated in the factory for precise crimping. The toggle lever ensures optimum transmission of force for fatigue-reduced operation, while the ergonomic and comfortable handle makes the operation smooth and lightweight. This tool is also compliant with DIN 46228 parts 1+4 for crimping wire ferrules, made of special quality chrome vanadium electric steel that is oil-hardened for added durability.

Self-adjusting crimping pliers

Crimping pliers, which are able to automatically adjust to the cross-section of the sleeves to be machined, were developed especially for the professional sector. The use of the right pressing jaws is guaranteed at all times – which makes crimping quicker and more convenient.

Also new for 2023, the KNIPEX Twistor T (97 53 19) has a crimp head that can be rotated 360° and has eight locking positions. The trapezial crimp profile has a high capacity range from 0.14 to 10 mm², allowing wire ferrules to be crimped from almost any working position. The tool also has an automatic adjustment feature that adapts to different cross-sections, making it easy to use for a variety of projects.

The crimp opening is accessible from both sides, and can accommodate wire ferrules up to 18 mm in length in one operation, making it easy to crimp extra-long wire ferrules. The tool is also suitable for crimping twin wire ferrules up to 2 x 6 mm². The ratchet mechanism (which is unlockable) ensures repetitive, high-quality crimping.

Assortment boxes

KNIPEX additionally boasts a range of assortment boxes which provide a convenient and practical solution for storing and dispensing wire ferrules. These boxes feature a handy, transparent dispenser box with a rotating lid that allows for easy access to the individual wire ferrules inside. The lid has an opening that makes it simple to remove a single wire ferrule, without having to take the entire box apart. The wire ferrules are also color-coded according to DIN standards, making it easy to identify the correct size and type of ferrule needed for a specific project.

Watch a video demonstration of KNIPEX’s self-adjusting crimping pliers for wire ferrules here 

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