Cable management: what tools will serve you best? | HellermannTyton

Cable management: what tools will serve you best? | HellermannTyton

Not only does poor cable management compromise the visual appearance of the work, it also creates safety issues. Graeme Morley, Product Manager – Fastenings, Fixings and Tool Systems at HellermannTyton, explains the benefits of using the right tools for the job.

Masses of work goes into installing electrical systems and one of the most pivotal elements to the process is cable management. Ensuring that cables remain secure, and are able to function effectively sounds straightforward, but in reality, cabling can be tough work.

Cable bundling

Cable bundling is critical to the network performance and reflects on the quality of the entire installation. Many installers and engineers showcase their work with neatly bundled cables, and to do so, require a bundling tool that is customisable and reliable.

The AT2000 CPK Hybrid bundling tool from HellermannTyton offers automated and reliable cable bundling that is fully functional in both factory and remote environments. The inclusion of an optional 18V battery enables cordless bundling and tying to happen virtually anywhere along the production line, even when a power supply isn’t readily available with 8000 ties per charge.

The AT2000 CPK Hybrid also provides a 20% speed increase on its predecessor, with a binding time between 0.65 and 1.0 seconds, making the bundling and tensioning of cables and tubing — from electrical cables to fluid delivery tubes — quicker than ever.

With the ability to bundle and tension up to 1.5 million cables before the blade needs replacing, the AT2000 CPK Hybrid offers repeatable and dependable performance. Users are provided with automated, quality cable-tie applications with recurrent bundling suitable for a range of materials and components of any sensitivity level.

Cable tensioning

Cable tension ensures that cables are correctly tensioned to protect, support and anchor objects; if the tension is too low, cables can easily break or recoil. Whilst it can be difficult to achieve precise tension, this can improve quality and performance which makes proper tensioning a highly important aspect of any installation.

The EVO7i is HellermannTyton’s manual cable tie tensioning tool specially designed for industrial applications which require consistently reliable results, such as automotive, rail, manufacturing, and life sciences. It builds on the success of its predecessor, the EVO7, with new features including a lock-out lever to prevent accidental changes to the tension setting and a two-shot comfort grip to reduce fatigue through prolonged use.

The EVO7i has a sleeker profile to enable it to pass through wires without catching, and an extended nose to easily tension and cut cable ties in confined spaces. This model is highly suited to applications where precision is paramount by removing the risk of damage by providing repeatable, calibrated precision.

Cable management solutions

Some cable management solutions are more popular in certain industries than others, but the requirements stay the same. Installers and electrical engineers require solutions that can offer precise and easily replicated results, time and time again.

HellermannTyton’s cable management tools provide these requirements to a large range of industries, ensuring the highest level of cable protection so that installers can conclude their installation with a safe and neat finish.

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