Ask Ovia | Do you offer switch dimming options?

Ask Ovia | Do you offer switch dimming options?

The head of the Ovia lighting business, Mike Collins, and his team of technical experts answer the latest lighting-related queries.

Q: Does Ovia offer any panels with switch dimming rather than Dali dimming? Which panels are proving most popular and why?
Steve Hewish, Turrell Electricians

Great timing for this question as a brand new multi-function driver has been added to the Ovia commercial lighting range. It offers three dimming options in one driver – Dali, switch and 1–10V dimmable. The new driver is compatible with Ovia’s Inceptor Slate and Jura LED panels, so electricians now have digital dimming options available across premium and economical LED panels, providing them with products to suit projects such as hospitals, hotels and offices. The multi-function drivers are available in 29-48W and 38-69W variants to maximise their potential across a range of applications. The Inceptor Slate and Jura panels have proved very popular with electricians since they were launched.

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