Ask Ovia: why replace fluorescents with LED equivalents?

Ask Ovia: why replace fluorescents with LED equivalents?

The column where you get to put your lighting questions to the head of the Ovia lighting business, Mike Collins, and his team of technical experts.

Q: What are the best financial and technical justifications for replacing large scale installations of fluorescent lights with LED equivalents? I often do work at a very large college and this is a question I’m asked frequently.

LED lighting is increasingly being seen as critical in helping to improve environmental footprints and to reduce energy consumption. As a result, we expect the LED market to continue to grow significantly in 2021 and beyond.

There’s been a sharp fall in LED prices in recent years, as volumes have increased, and today there are LED replacements for virtually every traditional light fitting available. This makes replacing large scale installations a cost-effective and straightforward process.

The case for LEDs versus fluorescent lights is a strong one. Lighting technology has come a long way in the last decade and LEDs are fast replacing conventional lighting. Today they provide a higher quality light, increased energy efficiency, reduced heat, zero UV emissions and require less maintenance.

Outdated, poorly performing lighting can be costly to replace and maintain and many commercial customers are choosing to upgrade to LED technology. Retrofitting LEDs in place of an existing lighting system can be a practical and less disruptive option, as well as considerably cheaper than installing a brand new system. It will reduce ongoing running costs, while saving money on annual maintenance, as LEDs have a much longer lifespan.

Check out the ‘Tool Kit’ feature on the Scolmore Group App and access the Ovia Lighting Cost Saving Calculator to see cost and energy savings across the product range.

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