Aurora Spotlight: Energy Savings a High Priority for Business

Aurora Spotlight: Energy Savings a High Priority for Business

Aurora explain why energy savings should be at the forefront of your business and how they can be made.

This year the UK became the first major economy to legislate for net zero emissions by 2050. And in October there were proposals to dramatically improve commercial buildings in the private rented sector, with businesses set to benefit by saving up to £1 billion per year in energy bills by 2030. This includes a consultation on plans to improve the energy performance of rented commercial buildings.

Energy savings can be made in various ways and lighting and technology can contribute, making a signi cant reduction. Aurora’s commercial range has always been popular with companies that want to save energy whilst maintaining a professional image. Aurora, who was one of the rst to introduce LED lighting to replace halogens and uorescents, has continued to upgrade and make enhancements to its commercial product range, including its popular and ever expanding range of panel based products.

New & Upgraded Panels

Aurora’s successful and comprehensive LED panel range, which now has over 25 products, has always provided a solution for all applications. We are now pleased to reveal that all panels are TP rated and that there is a new addition to the range – the BackLite.

Aurora’s new backlit panel, BackLite, has been designed without a light guide, removing any risk of panel discolouration. Furthermore, uniquely lensed LED’s have also been engineered to ensure maximum light output, which at 100lm/W is additionally a great energy saver! This new product has been designed for a wide range of applications, including of ce, education and commercial spaces. Aurora’s hugely successful edge lit panel range, Troffer, and IP65 panels, which were in the Enlite range are now all available under the Aurora brand.

Go Smart for Further Energy Savings

Smart technology will play a big role in the future when it comes to companies managing their energy consumption. Aurora’s AOne is the world’s widest range of smart lighting. Compatible with SmartThings, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant it can easily make any of ce smart. The AOne covers power, lighting and control, is easy to install and extremely cost effective when compared with traditional smart lighting systems.

Available in more than 70 countries worldwide, Aurora’s trade solutions are the ‘smart’ choice for both electricians and wholesalers alike. Learn

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