Avoid workplace accidents with help from ToughBuilt’s ClipTech range

Avoid workplace accidents with help from ToughBuilt’s ClipTech range

As part of its commitment to the trade professional, ToughBuilt continues to develop revolutionary products that not only increase productivity but also safety. Vahe Der Kureghian, Managing Director of the company’s European operations, explains more.

Whether it’s through the development of world first products or safety first solutions, ToughBuilt has a focus on creating intelligently designed hand tools and jobsite equipment that can improve the working lives of those in the construction industries.

You’ll find evidence of this commitment in abundance across our entire range – from 2-in-1 tools like our award-winning scraper utility knife, which allows users to carry less and do more, to our category leading sawhorses, which combine unrivalled functionality with exceptional load bearing capabilities. This commitment to the trade professional is also the reason why we continue to be a leading advocate of optimum site safety.

Our #KneelSmartKneelSafe campaign, for example, draws on our expertise as a leading manufacturer of kneepads to champion better knee protection. It aims to reduce some of the tens of thousands of largely avoidable work-related knee injuries suffered in the UK each year.

But it doesn’t end there because we’re also at the forefront of ensuring safer working practices through greater dropped object prevention.

The number 3 workplace killer

According to statistics published by the Health & Safety Executive, being struck by a moving object – including those that are falling after being dropped – continued to be one of the top three workplace killers in 2021/2022. During the same period, falling objects also contributed to some 70,000 reported non-fatal injuries.

Of course, the risks posed by dropped objects increases with height. A 2kg hammer dropped from a height of just 5m (16.5ft) will have an impact force of over 1 tonne by the time it reaches ground level. That’s the equivalent of having a small car or two grand pianos dropped on top of you!

In addition, if a dropped object hits something on its descent, the resultant deflection can turn it into a potentially lethal, horizontally travelling projectile. An object that has fallen just 37m (100ft) before hitting an obstruction at 6m (20ft) can be deflected over a distance of 66m (218ft) and will travel at speeds of 60mph.

Highlighting the very real dangers, there was a tragic case in 2014 of a driver, who was delivering drywall to a high-rise apartment block under construction in New Jersey, being killed by a tape measure which had slipped off the belt of someone working above him on the 50th floor.

The tape measure, which weighed less than 500g, fell 400ft before ricocheting off a piece of construction equipment below and striking the driver in the side of the head. Plus, dropped objects don’t just pose a risk to people. They can also cause damage to the item that was dropped, to surfaces and other objects in the eventual impact area.

Even something as innocuous as a drill bit, for instance, dropped from ceiling height onto a bath, can cause damage which needs to be repaired by a surface treatment specialist. This delays project completion times, incurs additional costs and erodes margins.

Accidents don’t have to happen

Research has shown that approximately half of all dropped object incidents can be attributed to human error and there are many ways they can be prevented. One effective prevention method is to use products from the ToughBuilt ClipTech range.

This range offers a full and enormously flexible ecosystem of interconnectable belts, suspenders, pouches, tool holsters, bags and much more. Items can be connected, adjusted and removed with exceptional speed and ease thanks to the ClipTech Hub – our unique attachment point which employs revolutionary patented technology.

No matter what task they’re dealing with, and regardless of what tools and supplies they need to get the job done, trade professionals can quickly tailor the loadout of their rig to suit their specific requirements.

Everything they require can have its own dedicated storage space and be within arm’s reach. Users also have the complete peace of mind of knowing that once an item is attached, it will stay firmly and securely in place.

To ensure they live up to the ToughBuilt name and can withstand the rigours of the most demanding site environments, all ClipTech pouches and accessories benefit from ‘no-snag’ hidden seams, a rugged six-layer construction and heavy-duty rivet reinforcement.

Like all ToughBuilt products they also come backed by a two-year guarantee as standard with the opportunity to extend this to 25-years if users register their purchase.

Ultimately, in a world and an industry where we’re all striving for zero harm and the maximum number of accident-free workdays, the importance and relevance of the ClipTech system has never been greater. It’s a simple and effective way of helping you towards these important safety goals and of avoiding the often dire consequences of dropped object incidents.

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