Benditnow | Tube & Pipe Bending

Benditnow | Tube & Pipe Bending

We take a look at how one British-based company can assist with your tube and pipe bending needs.

Based in Sheffield, Benditnow supplies British manufactured compact manual conduit and copper tube and pipe bending machines specifically for the electrical and plumbing trades. With over 30 years’ combined experience in the design and manufacture of bending machines, spares and accessories, the company was the last UK manufacturer of the Hilmor brand bending stands, spares and accessories before the production moved abroad.

“After we’d stopped supplying Hilmor with their range we know we had the experience to go it alone, so we decided to put our heads together and look at how we could improve on the basic design that’s been on the market for decades. That’s how we came up with our Elite range,” says Keith Boldock, Managing Director at Benditnow.

The Elite range differs in a few ways from the basic design: Benditnow’s offering features a much larger vice plate on the frame and the vice fixing has slots (not the pre-set three holes) which allows the customer to fit a multitude of vices, meaning you’re no longer locked in to the traditional vice. The slots also allow you to slightly overhang the vice (particularly useful when threading the conduit) while still maintaining the stability of the product and, of course, fully machined formers. 

“The larger vice plate also allowed us to incorporate a few extra holes that can be used for tweaking the odd bend. On the Elite range we also supply as standard a stabilising/extension tube with a soft touch grip which can make the bending process easier as it gives greater leverage. If the extension tube is pushed through the vice plate holes you can turn the machine in to a makeshift cable reel,” adds Keith.

“Another main improvement is in the cast aluminium formers. Many competitors were supplying a high pressure die cast product with no machining, so we decided to go down the gravity die cast route with fully computer controlled machining. This is by no means the cheapest method but we felt the tight tolerance we can achieve and the fine machine finish can make the bending process easier.”

In addition to its fully formed machines, the company also holds a wide selection of spares and accessories which are manufactured in the UK, competitively priced and generally compatible with Irwin Hilmor/Record Power brands etc.

For more information about Benditnow’s range of conduit and copper bending machines, spares and accessories, visit: 

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