How to Better Upsell Accessories

How to Better Upsell Accessories

Andrew Wilson, Commercial Manager at Varilight, encourages installers to increase customer satisfaction, improve margins and enhance future business at the same time by seeking opportunities to upsell wiring accessories.

It’s easy to get into the habit of only offering customers white plastic switches and sockets. After all, most customers are budget-conscious and it’s easier to just carry white wiring accessories in the van. However, if that’s your modus operandi, you may be missing a trick.

With a greater choice of styles and finishes in wiring accessories than ever before, there are plenty of options to upsell to customers and improve your margin on a job. The cost of upgrading to decorative wiring accessories on a typical project is a small proportion of the total budget but customers may not be aware of all the options available.

Here are some ideas on how to identify opportunities:

Know the market

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the range of finishes and styles on offer in the market place. British manufacturers are well-placed to respond to the latest trends in interior design and often have the widest choice. A quick look at the leading manufacturers’ website will give you a good overview. Subscribe to email updates to keep ahead of the game. Even if your wholesaler doesn’t stock a particular range they can usually order it in, often for delivery by the next day with certain manufacturers, especially if made in the UK.

Utilise social media

We’ve seen a big increase in interior design focused pages on Instagram with customers posting pictures of products, and tagging Varilight in their posts. Keeping up with posts like these on social media is a great way of identifying trends. By following pages like @varilight on Instagram and following hashtags such as #interiordesign, you can keep up-to-date on trends in decorative finishes and the latest designs and technology available. Follow independent interior designers for an unbiased view on what’s hip and happening. It’s easy to collect images of switches and sockets from posts like these on your smartphone and then use them to inspire your customers to upgrade from basic white plastic. Utilising social media in this way also has some great networking opportunities and the potential to pick up new contracts.

Get the inside track

You have the advantage of being in the customer’s home so why not make it count? Make an assessment of your customer’s tastes by taking note of their style and colour preferences. For example, if they like creams and browns, they may prefer their switches in similar colours. Perhaps their home is decorated in shades of grey or maybe minimalist brushed steel is their thing. If they follow the latest trends they may opt for warmer metals such as copper, bronze and brass which are all making a comeback.

Take a cue from your customer’s choice of kitchen accessories, door handles, furniture and ornaments and offer switches and sockets to match. If they’re building a new extension offer them something fresh and exciting. Products such as the Varilight Primed range can be painted to match any type of décor, allowing customers to choose a bespoke finish.


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