C.K Tools | Cable Routing

C.K Tools | Cable Routing

C.K tools discusses the top four issues that electricians face when cable routing and why there is a new solution available that can help to overcome these problems.

When it comes to completing a job, it’s always good practice for electricians to take the ‘customer is always right’ approach to ensure great feedback and repeat business. At times, this may mean taking a less efficient route in the completion of a job to ensure minimal aesthetic interference to the customer’s property.

This presents a common challenge for tradesmen: keeping customers’ fixtures and fittings intact when moving cables in floors or ceilings, which often requires electricians to route cables through small, dark gaps.

While cable rods make a huge difference when it comes to efficiency and dealing with issues such as this, there are still a number of challenges that commonly arise. Here we look at what these are and how the C.K MightyRods PRO cable rods can eliminate them:

1. Splintering
Every tradesman is well acquainted with cable routing and the subsequent risks of snagging and painful splinters. The C.K MightyRods PRO has been designed specifically to combat these issues, featuring ultra-slim profile connectors to reduce snagging and provide accessibility through smaller holes. And with splintering occurring when rods are drawn across rough surfaces, C.K tools has introduced SplinterSHIELD, a 100% splinter-proof material that protects the rods’ fibreglass core, keeping sparks’ hands splinter free.

2. Flexibility
A major challenge every electrician encounters when cable routing is flexibility, or a lack thereof! A tight access corner can be extremely challenging to navigate, especially when standard rods fail to bend to reach their destination. Bending all the rules, the C.K MightyRods PRO set includes a 4mm SPIRA-FLEX rod, which is super flexible and glides around tight access corners that standard, rigid rods may struggle to reach.

3. Darkness
Routing across suspended ceilings or raised flooring where there’s no natural light is considered by many electricians to be both time consuming and frustrating. While tradesmen can see into a gap, often space is limited and using a torch may not be an option. Enlightening sparks to a new way of working, the C.K MightyRods PRO set includes the innovative phosphorescent 6mm Glo Rod, which glows in the dark, helping electricians to see exactly how close they are to a specific cable. This handy addition greatly increases efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Strength
The tensile strength of cable rods is hugely important when routing cables. Attempting to pull a trapped cable using force can result in rods snapping and disconnecting, losing expensive equipment in the fixtures. The C.K MightyRods PRO has a tensile strength of 275kg, more than half the weight of a grand piano! The rods are supported by triple fixed, mighty-fix zinc-plated connectors, a feature that eliminates weak joints between rods and allows the product to be used to its full potential without fear of disconnection.

For more information about the C.K MightyRods PRO cable rods, visit: www.ck-tools.com

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