Certification Software: By Sparks, For Sparks

Certification Software: By Sparks, For Sparks

Looking for software to produce certificates? The certification Software from Vespula may be the solution for you.

After forming their own electrical inspection company, Beauchamp Engineering, in 1997, Bob Pottle and Simon Warren have since worked on a vast range of jobs – from small domestics to power stations. Throughout this time the pair have been dissatisfied with the certification software they’ve used, so they decided to do something about it by partnering with a software developer to create their own solution – one that would really give electricians what they wanted! After three years in development, and with over a thousand real certificates completed, Vespula is now available to all!

What is Vespula?
Vespula produces great certificates, which will impress your clients. It covers all you need for small and big jobs but, unlike many other packages, it lets you enter the data in the way you work – boards, circuits, RCDs, and observations etc. are all entered as you move around the building.

You can use Vespula on as many devices as you want – PC, Mac, Smartphone and tablet – and produce as many certificates as you need, all for one simple price.

Vespula is ‘cloud’ based, so you can input data on-site, or in the office. You can use it on-line or off-line, and any data you’ve entered off-line is seamlessly synchronised when you next have a connection to the Internet. If you work as a team, you can all work on the same job at the same time, even when you’re off-line.

For more information about Vespula and to take advantage of a FREE month’s trial, visit: https://vespula.co.uk

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