Cooking Up A (Lighting) Storm

Cooking Up A (Lighting) Storm

Taking a look at the trends that are set to shape the lighting market in the future, Hamilton Litestat’s Marketing Manager, Gavin Williams, explains why the kitchen/diner is the latest space to benefit from the use of smart controls.

At Hamilton Litestat they believe that 2018 will be a year of significant change, thanks to the increasing use of smart lighting and audio control within residential projects – especially the kitchen environment.

Hub of the home

The function of this particular space has evolved from solely a meal preparation area to a multi-functional space and the hub of the home. The kitchen/diner has become more open plan and is now an area for entertainment and relaxation. Because of this, lighting design has been a greater consideration in the kitchen during recent years rather than an afterthought, and we now we expect the increasing use of smart controls to effortlessly convert the space from one function to another.

For example, when preparing food, a specific lighting scheme ensures that bright LEDs are focused on the work surfaces for precise tasks, such as knifework. Then, with a flick of a switch or the swipe of a button, the lighting can be transformed for relaxed dining.

With the option to create multiple lighting scenes, popular tasks can have their own settings, such as children completing their homework at the breakfast counter or reading in a comfortable chair.

Additionally, with a DMX option, a RGB colour wash can work as accent lighting to highlight key features or can be used throughout the space to make it a more relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for guests. Full personalisation means that the lighting can be adapted to any time of day, occasion or mood.

This level of control is becoming increasingly popular as our living spaces turn into ‘smart homes’.

Sounds good

Taking that one step further is multi-room audio, which is perfect for adding extra luxury to the kitchen and helping transform it into an entertainment space. And when the kitchen leads onto a patio, it can take this into the outside space too.

The focus on customisation and aesthetics will also make control panel and plate design important. The homeowner is much more tech/style-conscious and we expect an even greater movement away from standard fittings as a representation of this.

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