Cut the cost of energy bills with Marlec’s Solar iBoost+ system

Cut the cost of energy bills with Marlec’s Solar iBoost+ system

We discover more about how electrical professionals can help homeowners to cut the cost of their energy bills with Marlec’s Solar iBoost+ system.

Due to the recent utility price rises and the increased awareness of global climate change, the UK has seen an increase of renewable energy adoption in the past couple of years at a rate which hasn’t been seen since the early days of the rewarding FiT (Feed-in-Tariff) schemes. For homeowners, a domestic solar PV system is the obvious choice of technology due to the reasonable return on investment figures, especially if you’re able to consume more of the energy you generate.

Free hot water

Since its release in 2015 and with over 85,000 units installed in the UK alone, Marlec’s Solar iBoost+ has become an essential product for homeowners who have PV and a hot water cylinder or thermal store. The innovative product enables homeowners to automatically consume excess energy generated by their solar panels and divert the energy to their immersion heater.

This simple system works automatically and heats the water throughout the day, reducing the need to heat water via traditional methods such as grid electricity, gas or oil.

Electricians and PV installers choose the Solar iBoost+ due to its simple and intuitive design making it simple to fit, generally in under 30 minutes. Offering a Solar iBoost+ either with a new PV installation or as a retrofit at a later date provides the homeowner with an intelligent money saving product that could pay for itself within a year.

What makes Solar iBoost+ different?

Solar iBoost+ is manufactured by Marlec, the UK’s longest established renewable energy company with nearly 45 years’ experience within the industry. It is supplied with everything the installer needs to complete the job and operates independently of the PV inverter and solar panels – it simply measures the exported energy and activates the immersion heater. It can also be programmed to heat the water cylinder using grid energy at desired times or using economy energy tariffs.

The unit is now compatible with other energy storage technologies such as domestic battery storage and EV chargers to maximise renewable energy self-consumption. A simple menu option enables the installer or homeowner to vary the cut-in threshold, which allows these other devices to take priority and use the excess energy first. This makes it ideal for homes with large PV arrays and further increases independence from the grid.

Solar iBoost+ is available as a trade-only product through many national electrical wholesalers and PV equipment stockists.

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