@Danstheengineer talks business: The importance of business networking

@Danstheengineer talks business: The importance of business networking

Ever heard the saying, it’s not what you know it’s who you know? This is most certainly true.

You could have all the knowledge and experience in the world, but if nobody knows who you are you may struggle demonstrating your amazing skills. You need an audience.

The theory of networking is very simple and similar to how advertising works. It is a method of marketing. You show your services to an audience and if they like what they see, you gain work when you attract the right customers. The bigger your network, the greater the chance of bringing in customers.

There are plenty of places online to network: forums, LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook groups. You can even create your own. There are local business groups up and down the country.

Networking with your existing client base helps keep you at the forefront of their minds. Networking with suppliers, colleagues and industry peers creates opportunities and opens doors. Using social media to network allow you to network and build a large audience.

Business networking is important and should be a consideration for helping your business develop nicely. My advice: Don’t be a hermit, get out and network!

Written by Dan Jackson AKA Dans the Engineer in Essex, United Kingdom

Disclaimer: All content within this blog post are the opinion only of Dans the Engineer and should you choose to take any of the advice or information given, we accept no responsibility for any loss you may occur.

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