Do you have the right tools to help you work with cables? | C.K Tools

Do you have the right tools to help you work with cables? | C.K Tools

Do you have the right tools to help you work with cables? We discover more about three C.K Tools solutions that could fit the bill.


Designed for longer, smoother, quicker cable installations, C.K Tools’ innovative Spira-Flex Draw Tape is a major advancement in draw tape technology. Made from an advanced polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material with a helical profile, it significantly reduces frictional resistance and minimises snagging for longer, smoother runs.

Step 1. Attach the Spira-Flex to the cable using electrical tape or a cable tie.

Step 2.Feed the cable through the conduit – add a bend to the cable if intending to cable around corners of conduit.

Step 3. Ensure the cable exits the conduit cleanly with no snags to the outer casing of the cable or exposed wiring.



C.K Tools has introduced five new SKUs to its blue Steel impact drill bits range. The range extension includes a number of C.K Tools’ most popular impact drill bits but now available in trade pack sizes, reducing the need for wholesaler trips in the middle of jobs. The Blue Steel impact drill bits are manufactured from specially formulated V8 steel alloy for extreme toughness and extended working life. They also feature torsion control technology to withstand the stresses of high torque applications and are colour-coded to aid with easy identification in any tool bag or work environment.

Step 1. Match the Blue Steel impact drill bit to the machine head.

Step 2. Insert the Blue Steel impact drill bit into the impact driver and test the chuck fitment to ensure no looseness.

Step 3. Fix the conduit clip into the pre-drilled wall, allowing the impact drill bits to use their torsion control technology to establish the securest fit.


The C.K Tools Multi Cutter has a heavy-duty aluminium body, which is both strong and light for ease of use. Its razor-sharp stainless-steel blade uses a lever action for effortless cutting of PVC conduit, blue water mains, plastic pipe, rubber hose, pneumatic pipe, electrical sleeving, wooden dowel etc. With five interchangeable anvils (flat, double radius, single radius, 90 square and mitre) it enables a variety of cross sections to be cut, both straight and mitred, for all shapes and sizes of cabling jobs.

Step 1. Select the right anvil attachment.

Step 2. Ensure the right fit for the size of conduit you’re working with before attaching to the tool.

Step 3. Cut cleanly and effectively through the conduit – sand or file edges to ensure any sharp edges don’t snag the cable while it’s being fed through.

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