EIC | Building Support Networks

EIC | Building Support Networks

Tessa Ogle, Managing Director of the Electrical Industries Charity, highlights the importance of the organisation’s powerLottery initiative and outlines how the larger support network can change the lives of people in our industry.

In the UK there are 1.3 million individuals who are working, or have worked, in electrical and energy related sectors. 100,000 of these people provide full-time care to a family member, 23,000 are non-working disabled, and 130,000 are eligible for our support.

With those numbers in mind, the Electrical Industries Charity has launched its Employee Assistance Programme, the Challenge for a Cause campaign, a variety of fundraising events and the powerLottery – all designed to help our colleagues in need to have a life they deserve.

Over the past year, the Charity has helped many people in the electrical sector. For example, it worked together with industry partners and helped the Parker family with their house adaptations and garden landscape to suit Max’s needs. The EIC also embarked on its first Challenge for Cause campaign to Mount Kilimanjaro and raised £83,000, helping the Hendrie family to rebuild their lives after the sad loss of a loving husband and a father of three.

Another fundraising initiative is currently underway with the second Challenge for a Cause and the Raise the Roof campaigns aiming to raise £250,000 for the Dickinson family. The money raised will allow the Charity to secure a long-lasting home for the family and help Caz with her development.

How can you get involved?
If you want be involved in the Charity’s life changing journey then you have the opportunity to join 20 enthusiastic participants on the Arctic Adventure where you’ll experience cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and husky-sledding while helping the EIC to raise its fundraising goal.

Alternatively you can be part of the Raise the Roof campaign by donating just £25 to the Charity, allowing it to buy a personalised brick for this outstanding project which will go towards building a house for Caz and her family. Your donation will serve as a long-lasting tribute to you, or your sponsors and donors, and your engraving will stay intact as long as the brick does.

Or why not test your luck at the Charity’s powerLottery by entering the draw for as little as £1 per month? The monthly powerLottery is a fun way to support the EIC’s efforts while giving you a chance to win big prizes of up to £1,000. The Lottery draws provide the Charity with 30% of its annual income which is directly handed out in financial grants to the industry through the Charity’s Employee Assistance Programme of which the Apprentice, Pensioner, Practical Participation and Family & Employee Support Programmes are part of.

You can choose to purchase between one and ten numbers each month to increase your chances of winning. If you decide to purchase a ticket this month, you’ll be in with a chance of winning a £5,000 jackpot prize.

There are so many ways that you can get involved and help to transform the lives of our colleagues and their families, so why not be part of something amazing by making a commitment today.

To find out more details about the EIC and its initiatives, visit: www.electricalcharity.org

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