Enlitened: PrincetonPRO Is Top of the Class

Enlitened: PrincetonPRO Is Top of the Class

Jeff Richardson, Aurora Group’s Trade Director, focuses on how the Enlite PrincetonPRO is a clear winner for schools, colleges and contractors.

Enlite LED linear fixtures such as the PrincetonPRO have all been designed to provide direct replacements for traditional fluorescent light sources. The focus is on exceptional energy savings, uniform light distribution and a range of sizes and outputs.

The PrincetonPRO, with single and twin options, in 4, 5 and 6ft lengths, represents exceptional cost savings for direct replacement of expensive fluorescents in schools and colleges where you require efficient continuous light coverage across large spaces.

With the scale of the sites involved it is reassuring to know that you are installing a product that can go the distance, create up to 50% savings and has low maintenance costs. Available in Emergency, DALI and 1-10V dimmable options, it offers compatibility for a range of applications.

Install & Go

Budget limitations may require a steady install project over time and the PrincetonPRO is ideal for this as it matches the footprint of traditional fluorescent alternatives, making it perfect for retrofit with multiple BESA mounting points.

Easy and fast installations with our push-fi t terminal block means that you can accommodate projects within a small time frame, such as term/semester holidays.

Clear Benefits

Visibility is key in these learning spaces and so lecture halls through to corridors can all benefit from the uniform light distribution from our high quality polycarbonate diffuser. As well as efficiency, the products need to be robust and so the steel housing and surface mounted placement ensure the luminaires are made to last.

The 5 year warranty and L70 50,000 hour lamp life offer peace of mind and reduced maintenance costs.

Future Connectivity

Appearances can be deceptive: for what may be perceived as a standard lighting solution, the PrincetonPRO is compatible with the Smart Aurora AOne control system.

A simple addition of the AOne Smart Hub and either the AOne 1-10V Inline Dimmer or the AOne On/Off Relay creates opportunity for dimmable lighting scenes and full lighting control through the AOne mobile phone App.

This adds value to the complete installation for the customer and contractor, and can be part of the initial installation or added later when lighting control and dimming become a requirement.

With cost savings, reliability and Smart compatibility, the PrincetonPRO is definitely in a class of its own!

Available in more than 70 countries worldwide, Enlite and Aurora’s trade solutions are the ‘smart’ choice for both electricians and wholesalers alike.

For more information visit: enlitelighting.com

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