ESP gives professional snooker player a big break

ESP gives professional snooker player a big break

As a professional snooker player, Mark Joyce, expects the best from every appearance he puts in at the snooker table.

Having recently created his own personal, purpose-designed training facility, he decided the best way to improve his performance was to constantly record and play back his training sessions using a high specification CCTV system.

Having got in touch with leading security products supplier, ESP, he was directed to their system designer Matt Tighe who helped him come up with the best system design and installation to meet his needs.

Working from photographs, required dimensions and specific requirements that Mark had provided, Matt created a number of 3-D drawings of how the system would look and how it would operate to capture the details that Mark required.

Products from ESP’s Rekor IP CCTV range were chosen to provide Mark with the optimum solution.  A total of four cameras were installed, with one acting as a security measure to cover the facility as a whole, and the other three positioned at various locations within the room so that all angles of the snooker table are covered.

The IP CCTV kit utilised consists of a 1TB  hard drive, with capacity to provide a continuous recording time of 7 days; 4 x 20m pre-made leads for wiring the cameras; 2 x 2MP 3.6mm IP rated Dome Cameras; 2 x 5MP 2.8mm Wide Angle View Mini Dome Cameras.

Set up required the connection of the NVR to Mark’s flat screen TV using a HDMI cable, to allow for HD 1080p viewing of the cameras.     Mark also has the opportunity for remote viewing via an internet connection between the NVR and modem.

With all the CCTV components now in place to provide valuable feedback and help him work on his game, Mark will be looking forward to raising his performance to new heights and picking up some well-earned trophies.

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