EV Charging: What Options Are Available?

EV Charging: What Options Are Available?

GARO Electric talks PE through charging solutions for every site and setting in order to harness the full range of opportunities of the Electric Vehicle revolution.

The last couple of years have seen a major escalation by governments to incentivise Electric Vehicles as an important component of their strategy to meet emission targets.

As car manufacturers reduce and withdraw their diesel and petrol ranges, the expanded choice of electric and hybrid models is now a realistic option for the masses. Consequently, EV Charging infrastructure is rapidly developing to support this evolution.

For businesses and retailers, the benefits of installing EV charging stations are far reaching. The presence of charge points encourages visitors to choose your location and spend more time there. As an employer, attracting and retaining top talent can be a challenge, hence the increase in employee benefits programmes.

Adding EV charging options to company parking spaces is one more benefit that enhances the reputation and attractiveness of an organisation.

GARO Electric’s comprehensive range of EV Charging Stations is ideally suited to fulfilling this demand. The company is part of the GARO Group, which is celebrating its 80-year anniversary this year, and it includes Norwegian and Swedish operations.

Our Nordic counterparts are market leaders in the region and have completed numerous high profile installations, including Volvo Sweden’s R&D facility, Swedavia Airport Car Parks, Sweden’s Green Highway, McDonalds Sweden and multiple energy utility companies and service stations.

GARO Electric is bringing this extensive experience, innovation and expertise to the UK market, offering a premium quality, complete range for the local market.

Over the last 12 months, the company has completed installations across a number of high profile organisations, including Facebook, Musgraves, Abbott Laboratories, Boston Scientific and more. The entire EV Charging range is approved for OLEV grants.

There are charging solutions for institutions, workplaces, offices, shopping centres, car parking spaces, service stations and more. GARO’s Product Development team are continually developing and enhancing the charging range to meet the future requirements of our customers.

What charges are appropriate for which setting?

For charging at work or home, a Wall Mounted charger is the most common option. With GARO’s GLB range, a hybrid EV can be fully charged in around three hours, and a pure electric EV in around six hours.

For public locations, car parks and larger workplaces, a faster, more robust option is appropriate. Built to withstand the elements, GARO’s LS4 range of charges can charge a pure EV in just three hours. Its features include premium design, smart metering, connectivity and enhanced safety features.

All charging points are fitted with cloud billing and reporting functionality to ensure total and accurate charging control for operators. A unique load balancing function allows the charging station to adapt to the demands of the user’s system.

The entire range has been built with robust, quality materials and smart technology, including load balancing, connectivity and metering. A three-year warranty is standard across the range.

To find out more about GARO Electric’s EV Charging Range, visit: www.garo.co.uk/evcharging

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