Females in the industry – another XS story? | XS Training

Females in the industry – another XS story? | XS Training

We learn more about why XS Training is placing itself at the forefront of supporting women in the electrical industry, and discover just how easy the process of undertaking remote assessments and training can be.

Historically, working in any construction trade was seen as a ‘man’s job’. Judging by the numbers of females that are working and training in the sector, this outdated attitude still appears to dominate the industry as a whole, and is the fundamental reason why more women are not choosing such a career path.

Indeed, just one in every 1,000 electrical contractors in the UK is a woman. Yet research has proved that there is a massive demand for tradeswomen in the electrical industry, particularly from end customers, and there’s little doubt that to cope with the future demand that is going to be placed on the electrical industry, including the rise of renewables and the next generation of electrical technologies, more entrants – especially women – will need to join the industry just so it can cope with the demand.

Growing realisation from females
There is clearly a growing realisation among young women that being an electrical professional is a viable career, and this is illustrated by the fact that the increase in female electrical apprenticeships overall in 2019/2020 saw 70% of those applying being taken on to the Electrical Installation Modern Apprenticeship.

As a company, XS Training is at the forefront when it comes to supporting female access to the electrical industry. Little Miss Electrical is taking full advantage of the high demand for female contractors, with XS Training supporting part of the company’s workforce by delivering the Online Level 3 NVQ and AM2 Training.

Lizzie Brand, who works at Little Miss Electrical, completed her Level 3 Electrical NVQ with XS Training, and hasn’t looked back since.

She said: “I previously worked in the commercial side of the trade, but recently got a job offer with Little Miss Electrical. We mostly deal with domestic/commercial installations, ranging from maintenance call-outs to full rewires.

“Cathy (who owns the company) is an excellent electrician and I’ve learnt so much from her – in fact I’ve got more from the 18 months I’ve been with Little Miss Electrical than I did in the seven years of working on commercial sites”.

Lizzie continues: “A growing trend is that some customers prefer a female working in their property as they feel safer. We just see ourselves as high-quality electricians and it doesn’t matter what environment we work in; we’ll provide the customer with a professional and quality job”.

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