Five great features of Olympic Fixing’s clamp4fire

Five great features of Olympic Fixing’s clamp4fire

With a full selection of fire safety products on offer from Olympic Fixings, we take a look at one of the leading lights from the range.

Designed to assist with compliance with the latest Fire Regulations BS 7671:2018 amendment 3 and the 18th Edition regs, clamp4fire is a one-piece sheet steel cable bracket which features a special locking technology on the front.

The weight of the inserted cables and lines secures the closure against unintentional opening, while the product provides flexibility through the use mounting brackets which can be mounted under the ceiling or on the wall.

Olympic Fixings also has a dedicated fire fixing, which compliments the clip perfectly. fix4fire is a well-thought-out 6 mm screw with a corkscrew style thread which allows it to be fired straight into a 5.5 mm hole in concrete, plasterboard and wood with no need for a plug, providing a rock solid fixing for the containment system.

Let’s take a look at five great features on offer from the clamp4fire:

1. With two sizes on offer, the product features an all-in-one galvanised steel body and is designed to be opened effortlessly, thanks to the easy opening and closing mechanism.

2. It has a pressed hinge which can be manipulated to stay in any position, making it easy to hook cables on while you’re wiring. It then clips back into place nice and simply.

3. It has two fixing points – one on the side and one on the top – for vertical and horizontal mounting. It also takes a standard 6 mm screw.

4. The clip itself is not only fire resistant, meeting 18th Edition regs, but also corrosion, chemical and solvent resistant – an extremely robust product.

5. The edges are bevelled, so that when you’re pulling cables through nothing’s going to get damaged or sheared. It’s also designed to be re-used and re-entered, so even when the product is fixed up in the ceiling full of cables, you can simply pop it open and get a few more circuits in there.


In the latest video to land on the PE YouTube channel, Mike Page (aka Residual Current) puts the clamp4fire to the test in a number of different scenarios, including some loft cables that are in drastic need of a tidy up. Will it pass with flying colours?

Watch the product review video here


In addition to the clamp4fire, Olympic Fixings offers a full portfolio of 18th Edition compliant fire safety products:

• fix 4 fire steel concrete screw

• clip 4 fire steel cable clip

• mini trunking steel cable clip

• steel cable ties

• steel wall plugs

• steel spacer bar

Get more information about Clamp4Fire and the full Olympic Fixings fire safety range here

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